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Finding an Idaho treasure

After a few great days in Washington we moved west towards north Idaho. The snow forecast showed the probablity of a storm was likely to occur near the Canadian border - with a lack of storms in the west of USA the best option was to move higher up and inland.

Whilst Idaho is a great spot for the summer with its great landscapes and lakes, there's also some winter gems that shouldn't be overlooked, such as the Schweitzer mountain resort at the footbed of the Selkirk range.

We were presented with an incredible inversion on our first day, where the bluebird sunny day was a complete contrast to the cloudy and foggy town of Sandpoint.

The warm weather the previous day coupled with rain meant there was a shiny coating of ice on higher ground, which made the day very interesting as we searched for better conditions between the trees and closer to the base, finding smooth and untouched lines to shred!

Schweitzer's mountain range offers open bowls and great tree riding, and has insane potential for superb powder runs both inbound and out on the back bowls - definitely worth checking out when conditions are prime. Can't wait to return!

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23 янв. 2022 г.

Kev loves idaho! He should join ellstacker for a season and make it his base. With utah right there and hood so close… it seems like an epic launching point. and no need to stress about crossing borders!

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