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My snowboard goggles for 2020/21 season

I have been wearing the Anon M4 Goggle for just over a year now, since the New Zealand trip back in October 2019, and picked up my first pair at the Circle shop here in Whistler.

One of the features I really like about these Anon goggles is that they are magnetic. It's very easy to pop out the lens and switch them if conditions change whilst riding, from low light to high light for example if the sun comes out on a cloudy day - I tend to carry 2 lenses when I go up the mountain.

The goggle also has magnets on the frame just above the nose so you can clip an Anon face mask without worrying it slipping off, very handy during these new covid rules!

I show the different face masks on my video so you can see how they clip on.

The M4s are quite large which suits me better, I prefer a really wide view so it doesn't feel like I am looking through a tunnel, although you can get the M3s too which are just a touch smaller if you prefer.

Huge thanks to Mark and Jonathan from Anon for sending me the new Anon M4s for this season.

Many thanks for stopping by the website and keep an eye out for more blogs!


Watch the unboxing video of these goggles below:


Some other details about these goggles:

  • Fits medium and large faces

  • Helmet compatible

  • Magnet integration for lens and face masks

  • Compatible with eyewear prescriptions underneath the goggles

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01 ene 2021

I use the Anon M3s and love them! Don't think I will be stepping away from Anon anytime soon to be fair, have the magnetic mask too which works really well on those super cold days

Me gusta
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