10 Tips for Filming with a GoPro

October 8, 2017

In this video I want to share with you my top 10 tips for filming with a GoPro. I've filmed the majority of the videos on my channel with a GoPro because it takes great quality video, it's safe for filming in all weather conditions, and it's very durable in case of a crash or fall. If you want to get the best possible shots out of your GoPro, then I think these 10 tips will help.  
The first tip is to pick a selfie stick or pole to mount the GoPro  to. With a pole you'll get great shots of yourself or you can quickly turn the camera around to film your friends. The pole is a great tool because it allows you to get so many different types of shots,  but also the length of the pole will help to take away any shakiness and smooth out the look of your shots. 
One of the most important tips for filming is to make sure you have a couple extra batteries with you. There's nothing worse than getting out for a day of filming and have your GoPro die in the first hour. I always keep at least two extra fully charged batteries on me, especially in cold conditions where batteries drain fast. 
The third tip is to set the frame rate on the gopro. For slow motion shots you want to set your frame rate at 60 fps or higher. This will allow you to slow the video down in editing and have a smooth looking slow motion shot without any skipping. For regular shots film at 24 or 30 fps and you'll have good quility video without filling up your memory card to quick. 
Next you want to make your video interesting for the viewer, by getting  as many angles as possible. Then when it comes time to edit your video clips together, you'll have lots of different shots to choose from. This keep your audience interested by cutting to different angles, and giving them the full perspective of your surroundings. 
If you want great sound for you GoPro videos, I suggest picking up an external microphone. The GoPro housing can muffle sounds, so if you want to have people talking in your video or the sounds effects from tricks, pick up a cheap external mic. My set up for sound is to have the GoPro mounted to a monopod, with an external mic on top, then i can record sound and sync it up in post production. 
When filming other people with the GoPro it's important to get up close. The Gropro has a fish eye lens which give your a very wide angle. This allows you to get alot into frame from up close, but from far away the fish eye lens can make things look distant and smaller than they are. 
It's very popular to mount the GoPro to your helmet, and that's great if your hands arent free to hold the camera. But if you have the option I don't recommend using a helmet mount because the footage can often look shaky and be disorientating for people to watch.  
Check regularly the the lens of the GoPro is clean. Often when filming outside in the elements, you can get dirt or water on the lens and even a small amount can ruin a shot. Especailly after you've had a fall, check the lens and give it a quick wipe to make sure you're getting a clear shot. 
Something that takes a bit of practice with the GoPro is framing the shot. For example for filming snowboarding you want to keep the snowboard in frame and a good rule is to point the GoPro at the riders thighs. It's disappointing if at the end of a day you're watch your video back and noticed you've cut out the most interesting part. So take some time to practice filming, watching the video back and learning how to frame the shot. 
Be selective when filming with your GoPro . It's very tempting to just let the GoPro record all day, but then you're left with hours of footage to sort through.  Try to only film what you think are the most interesting shots and you'll save yourself a lot of time editing the video later. 
So, I hope these 10 tips will help you film great GoPro videos. If you want to share any of your videos with me, connect on Instagram and tag me in the video. If you have any more question about filming or if there's any tips I miss, you can leave them in the comments below. Remember to give this video a thumbs up if it helped you out. Have fun out there filming guys and I'll see ya in the next video!


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