270 Snowboard Training - 3 Steps

October 8, 2017


In this video I'm going to show you the 3 steps to learning 270's. 270's off are stylish trick that ads an extra level of difficulty to your board and lipslides. Practicing 270'S off snow is a safe way to learn the trick and gives you the time and repetition to master the movements. 
To get you boards around 270 takes a lot of effort, so the first step is to get your body warmed up, by doing easier tricks like 180's.  For 180's you use the same twisting a rotating movement as the 270, but at a much easier level. This will get the core muscles you use to twist warmed up and get your mind thinking about the 270. You can also get warmed up by practicing the 270 from the flat ground. 
The second step is to get comfortable doing boardslides and lipslides. These position sets up the platform, you do the 270 from. Practice getting into the board or liplside in a balanced position, with your body ready to spin 270.  
The third step is to whip the 270 around. I call it a whip because you have to use quick movements,  with a lot of momentum. To help you whip around, pick a spot on the ground in front of you to look at, then as you rotate,  look your head around and back to that same spot.  You also want to use your arms and upper body, to wind up and create the rotation and momentum that gets your board around. Use you core muscles so your board follows your upper body around 270. 
To recap, first get yourself warmed up by doing some 180's, then make sure you have your boardslides and lipslides on point, and finally whip the 270 by looking, creating momentum, and using your core. This is a difficult trick, so don't be discouraged if you can't get it on your first try. It took me quite a bit of practice before I was able to get it consistently. 
So have fun out there training 270's, for more learn to train off snow, click on the link to the off snow training playlist. If you want to help support Snowboardprocamp and the production of more video series like this one, click on the link to our Patreon page. Thanks for watching guys and have fun training, and I'll see ya in the next video!

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