3 Snowboard Edge Tricks - Circle Carve | Spray | Revert Carve

October 8, 2017

In this video I'm going to teach you three snowboard edge tricks. Each of these tricks can be done on the run and will challenge you to improve your carving skill and be more creative while riding on the runs. Ideally you want to learn these trick on groomed runs with good snow conditions. Always check to make sure the areas are clear of other riders when trying these tricks. 

The first edge trick is the circle carve. A circle carve is where you ride your snowboards toe edge around in a circle, until your boards pointed down the hill again. To get the circle carve around you need to increase the angle of your snowboard to hold your edge in the snow. You also need to aggressively steer the board around the circle with your knees and front shoulder. The key for the circle carve is to find an area on the mountain where it's steep to get speed, followed by a mellow area where you can carve your board around. Avoid getting too much of your weight over the snow, or turning too quickly,  this can cause you board to slide out. 

The second edge trick is the spray ride through. The spray ride through is pretty self explanatory. You use your snowboards edge to create a big spray of snow, then ride threw the spray. Good snow conditions are ideal for getting the snow to spray into the air. Find a  long steep run where you have enough room to build up speed, spray snow and continue to ride out with speed. The key to this trick is to quickly twisting your body  to get your snowboards sideways on your toe edge to spray snow, then quickly untwist to get your boards straight again and  ride through with speed. 

The third edge trick is the revert carve. The revert carve is where you carve in on your toe edge, spay snow to the side, then ride out switch on your toe edge. Before attempting this trick make sure you have solid switch carving skills. Give yourself lots of room this trick, and make sure there's no other riders where you ride out, because you bling for a second as you transition to switch. The key for this trick is to keep up your speed through the spray, so you have enough momentum to continue the revert carve.  You can get creative by riding out the revert carve with cab 180's or butter nose roll. 

Have fun learning these three edge tricks. If you have any questions you can always leave them down in the comments. To learn more snowboard tricks, check out the full trick playlist. For three bonus tip check out the link to my Patreon page. Thanks for watching guys, have fun out there, and I'll see ya in the next video! 


MUSIC: Super Duper - Angela | | provided by CopyrightFreeNetwork


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