3 Tips for Snowboarding on ICE (360° Video)

October 8, 2017


In this video I've got three tips turning your snowboard down icy steep runs. Icy runs can be difficult to turn down and increase your chances of falling. The first tip for turning on ice is to look ahead and plan your turns. There will be some areas of the run that are more icy than others, so plan your turns to avoid these areas. If you can't avoid an icy patch you can anticipate the ice and adjust your riding. The second tip for snowboarding on ice is to be balanced over your snowboard. Ride with your knees bent, back fairly straight and hands at your side. This balanced body position will stop you from leaning too far over your heel and toe edge. The third tip for snowboarding on ice is to put your snowboard on too much of an edge. Try to let your snowboard slide with the ice. Increasing your snowboards edge angle or trying to stop may cause you to slide out on the ice. I hope these three tips for snowboarding on ice will help your riding! 


MUSIC: www.whatfunk.com/ceasarsoundsystem-purple-skies/

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