5 Tactics for Steep Snowboard Turns (360° VIDEO)

October 8, 2017


In this 360° video I've got 5 tactics that will help you turn your snowboard down steep runs. Scroll around the 360 degree video to get the best angle.  The first tactic for turning down steep runs is to practice sliding on your heel and toe edge. This will build your confidence so you can commit to the turn, knowing you can control your speed. The second tactic is to reach your front hand toward your snowboard. This will get your board moving straight down hill and all the back of your snowboard to slide around smoothly. The third tip is to turn your board with your whole body. By steering with your knees, hips, core, and shoulders your snowboard will turn much faster. The fourth tactic is to keep your back hand over the tail of your snowboard. Especially on your toe turn, keeping your hand over your tail will help your boards slide around smooth. The final tactic is to time your turn by counting to two in your head. 2 seconds to control your speed, 2 seconds to go straight, then 2 seconds to control your speed on your new snowboard edge.

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