7 Steps to Waxing a Snowboard

October 8, 2017


Seven steps to waxing your snowboard. The first step is to assemble the tools you'll need to wax your board. The second step is to prep your board by removing the bindings. The third step is clean your snowboard with a base cleaner and cloth. The base cleaner will remove any dirt and old wax. Use a scrub sponge to remove any imperfections from your snowboards base. The fourth step is to preheat the waxing iron and apply the wax. Drip the wax around your snowboards edge first, then evenly across the base. Let your base cool for 30 minutes. The sixth step is to use the scraper to remove all the wax from the snowboard. The seventh step is to replace your snowboards bindings. If you have any questions about waxing your snowboard feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks for watching! 

MUSIC: Flow - MK2


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