Tips for Hitting Cliff Drops Snowboarding

October 8, 2017

Up on the peak of Whistler mountain with tips for hitting cliff drops on your snowboard. Cliff drops are my favorite thing to do on a powder day while snowboarding with friends. A good place to start is by looking for small rocks to drop off, where you can clearly see the take off and landing. When you're ready to take you snowboarding to bigger cliffs, make sure there's enough powder to cushion your landing. Take a good look at the cliff take off and landing. Give yourself enough room to point your snowboard straight toward the cliffs edge. In the air suck your knees up and keep your arm over your snowboards nose and tail. Land with more of your weight over your tails, to keep the nose of your snowboard up. Ride out the landing by doing a few turns to control your speed. Have fun out there learning cliff drops on your snowboard and stay safe!


MUSIC: Collapse - Love


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