4 Tips to Point Your Snowboard Straight Downhill - Beginner Turns

October 29, 2017


In this beginner snowboard video I've got some tips for letting your board run straight down the hill. When you're first learning to turn, it's important to let you board go straight for a second. This will give you the time to change edges and let the turn come around smooth. When learning to turn make sure you practice on a mellow slope where you have the confidence to let your board go straight. To help your snowboard run straight move most of your weight to your front foot. You can reach your front hand toward the snow to get your weight forward. Turning your chest will help you to direct your board straight down the hill and get your board sideways to control your speed. Finally, slide toward one direction and get your board on angle to help get your snowboard straight. If you have any questions for beginner snowboard turns or getting your snowboard straight you can leave them in the comments. Thanks for watching! 



MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/mmcivor/follio-girls



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