5 Advantages to Snowboarding with Friends

October 28, 2017

In this video I'm snowboarding with my friend Garrett and we're going to take you through the 5 advantage to snowboarding with friends. The first advantage is you friends can help push your snowboarding. Whether it's to do tricks or to push your speed following a friend. Another advantage to snowboard with friends is they have a different perspective on the mountain. The mountain can be rode in an infinite amount of ways and your friends can show you a different perspective to snowboard with. The third advantage is safety. Snowboarding with friends is much more safe because you can look out for each other, especially in unfamiliar terrain. The fourth advantage to snowboarding with friends is they can give you constructive feedback. If you're wondering why you cant land that trick, you friends can help give you insight. Finally snowboard with friends can encourage you to pace your day and take more breaks. This will help you to keep your legs fresh and your energy levels up. Thanks for watching and have fun out there snowboarding with friends! 
MUSIC:   You Make Me Feel Good - Jingle Punks


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