8 Ways to Spin 180

October 29, 2017


Today we're up riding in the High Cascade Snowboard Camp and we're going to show you eight different ways to spin 180 on your snowboard. The four most common ways to 180 on a snowboard are frontside, backside, switch frontside (cab) and switch backside. You can then take those four 180's and do them all hardway off the opposite edge. For example you typically do a frontside 180 off your heels, but for hardway you would spin off your toes. Learning all eight of these 180's will really help when it comes time to learn 360's. Having all eight of these snowboarding tricks on your trick list will make snowboarding around the mountain a lot more fun! If you have any questions or comments about these snowboarding tricks it would be great to hear below! 


Check out High Cascade snowboard camp: http://bit.ly/29s5aS8


MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/yourrapbeatstv/dexound-megabeat-epic-amazing


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