5 Steps to Learning Backside 180's

October 30, 2017



In this video I'm going to show you the five steps to learning how to backside 180 on your snowboard. These five steps will help you progress with the backside 180 safely on your snowboard. The backside 180 is a fun trick that you can practice on the run, off side hits and in the terrain park. The first step is to practice with your snowboard in a static position on the snow. Here you can master the basics that get the backside 180 around. Next you can practice the backside 180 as you snowboard across the run. This will help you practice while your snowboard is moving. The third step is to  practice on side banks, where pressure builds on your snowboard, helping you to pop in to the air. The fourth step is to practice 180 on rollers and natural lips where you can get used to the trick while your snowboard is going downhill. Finally once you have the confidence you can take the backside 180 in the park on a small jump. Build you confidence with any snowboard trick by putting lots of mileage into practicing the steps. Thanks for watching and check out the snowboard trick playlist for more tips!


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