5 Tips for Linking Beginner Snowboard Turns

October 30, 2017



In this video I've got five tips that will help you link your beginner snowboard turns. These five beginner snowboard tips will help you learn to turn faster and in a safer way. The first tip is to start your snowboard turn by sliding on an angle. By sliding your snowboard on an angle, you won't have to turn as far. Your turns will come around smoother and with less effort. The second tip for linking snowboard turns is to control your speed equally on your heels and toes. Counting in your head will help to even out your turns. The third tip to let your snowboard run straight for one second. This will  stop you from trying to turn your snowboard too quickly and getting twisted. The fourth tip is to turn your snowboard with your entire body. Start the turn with your head, shoulders and hips and this will bring your snowboard around smoothly. Finally find an easy slope to practice linking your snowboard turns. Learn at your own pace and this will keep you safe as you learn. 



MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired/chill-day


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