Beginner Snowboard Jump Progression with Doug

October 30, 2017


Today I'm snowboarding on Blackcomb mountain with my friend Doug who's learning to hit larger jumps in the terrain park! Doug has had a couple days of hitting smaller jumps and box features on his snowboard. We start the day with a couple warm up laps through the small terrain park getting warmed up and minds thinking about jumps. Next we went through the medium terrain park and took a look at all the jumps. Once we were warmed up on our snowboards and looked at the jumps, we were ready to hit the first jump! The first tip for hitting jumps on your snowboard is to get the speed right, so you can clear the knuckle. A great way to get the speed right is to watch other snowboarders hit the jump first. You can also build your confidence by hitting smaller snowboard jumps. Another key for clearing the knuckle is to get a small pop off the takeoff. This will get you more height in the air to make that landing. Practicing the pop or ollie on the snow and small jumps first so you can use it for landing bigger jumps. The final key in jump progression is to land with your snowboard level. When Doug was first learning to jump he was landing on his tail first, but with some practice he was able to level out the landing. Check out the snowboard trick playlist for more tips on jumps and trick progression! Thanks for watching! 




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