Butter Nose Roll 360 (Cab)

October 30, 2017


Today I'm Snowboarding with my friend Chris and he's going to teach us how to Butter Nose Roll 360! This trick is super smooth and has a really good feel to it.This snowboarding trick is a combination of the butter nose roll, nollie and cab 360. For the approach you come across the slope on your heel edge and start to move your weight, from the the back of your snowboard to the front. Moving your weight will help you get the butter nose roll going and nollie. As you get the nollie going you also want to start rotating your shoulders across the hill to get the 360 spin. Popping the nollie off the nose of your snowboard and following through with your shoulder will bring the butter nose roll 360 around. You know that your have completed this snowboarding trick when you land the same way that you started! If you have any question about this snowboard trick, make sure you leave them in the comments for Chris! Check out the snowboarding trick playlist to learn more tricks! Thanks for watching! 


MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/plutotracks/smile-happy-positive-melodic-uplifting-rap-hip-hop-beat



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