Butter Pretzel VS Butter Bagel - Snowboard Trick Tutorial

October 30, 2017


Today we're snowboarding on Blackcomb mountain and we've got some tips to help you learn the butter pretzel and the butter bagel. These are two fun snowboard tricks that you can progress really far with! To start you can practice the butter pretzel and butter bagel in a static position on the snow. This is a safe way to practice the tricks and get comfortable with the movements. From there you can start practicing the snowboard tricks on the snow as you ride. Be careful when doing butters that you keep more weight on your up hill edge. Once you're confident on the snow, you can take the butter and bagel to an easy box. Here you can practice getting into the board slide and twisting the 270 out. The bagel off the box is called 270 same way and the pretzel off is just called 270 pretzel. If you have any questions about butters or 270's, you can leave them in the comments. For more tutorials check out the snowboard trick playlist! Thanks for watching! 


MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/colemcguirk/water-colours-instrumental



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