How To Survive the Chairlift

October 30, 2017


In this video I'm on the most difficult chairlift in Whistler and I've got some tips for surviving the chairlift on your snowboard. Before you attempt the chairlift you want to practice your one footed skating and stopping. This is important for getting to the chairlift, but most importantly for getting off the chairlift. When your ready for the chairlift it's a good idea to watch others get on it first, so you know what to expect. When you get to the front of the chairlift line, follow the chair as it passes in front of you, up the the loading line. From here the chairlift will come behind you and you can sit down, with your snowboard still on the snow. For safety make sure you always pull the safety bar down. While riding the chairlift you can rest your snowboard on your free foot for comfort. When you're close to the top of the chairlift, get ready by lifting the bar up, sitting a bit sideways and ready for the ground to come to your snowboard. When the ground comes to you, stand up and snowboard straight with one foot until you're ready to drag your toe and stop. For more tips for your fist day of snowboarding, check out the beginner snowboarding playlist. Thanks for watching! 




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