How to Front 360, Front Boardslide & Front Shifty - Snowboarding Tricks

October 30, 2017


Today I'm on Whistler mountain snowboarding with my friend Shu and we're working on front 360's, front board slides and front shifty's. The first lap through the terrain park we're doing some warm up snowboard tricks. For the front 360 we're warming up by doing front 180's over the jump and front 360's on side hits. For the front board slides we're riding on to the box 5050, then trying to twist out the board slide. The warm up for the front shifty in off the jump we're doing front shifty's on the snow. By warming up we got our body warmed up and are heads thinking of how the snowboard tricks should feel in the air or on the features. Once we were warmed up we attempted these three snowboard tricks in the terrain park again. For the videos check out the snowboarding tricks playlist! Thanks for watching! 


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