Road Trip & Kevin's Hot Sauce Challenge

October 30, 2017


A break from the norm, as we head out of the bubble that is Whistler to Vancouver. Gill is heading off to India leaving us with no distractions in making non-stop snowboard videos for the next three weeks. On the way down we stop halfway in Squamish and grab some burritos from one of Kevin's new favourite places to eat, Mag's 99. It doesn't look like anything special from the outside, but this is a deception with the most unique decorations on the inside and good food to boot. 

We eventually arrive at our destination with the smell of our some to be eaten food having filled the car for the 45 minute final leg of the journey. Burritos get demolished and its time to make Kevin his punishment for losing a bet a couple weeks ago.

There are seven different hot sauces to choose from and using bar mixing skills that don't exist a cocktail made purely from hot sauce is soon prepared. We didn't realize his reaction would be so funny. 

Return to snowboarding will be happening very soon,  thanks for watching!

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