Scariest Snowboard Run of Our Lives!

October 30, 2017


Today we're snowboarding on Blackcomb mountain and we're heading to a few of the steepest runs in Whistler. It's a powder day be the winds have picked up and blown some of the snow off the mountain. The first run we're doing is called Big Bang and there are a few small chutes to enter. I watched a skiier go down first and it sounded like they were hitting some ice as they went down. It's always a good idea in the alpine to know where you are snowboarding and what the conditions are like. The next run we snowboarded down is on Ruby Bowl in Spanky's. We took the high entrance to Ruby bowl and it was one of the scariest runs of my life. The snowboard in was steep, icy and there were cliffs below us. Once we got past the icy part the powder was incredible! We snowboarded through the powder, spraying snow and getting face shots. To see more of these vlog style snowboard videos please like, share and subscribe. Thanks for watching! Check out the snowboard playlists for more videos and tips!



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