3 Tips for Beginner Halfpipe Snowboarding

October 30, 2017


In this video we will give 3 tips for your first run through the halfpipe.

The first tip is 'steering': this is leading with and using your body. This is especially important on the toeside wall, dropping your front shoulder, hip and knee into the turn. 


Second tip is 'pressure control'. The pressure on your feet is constantly changing because of the bank on the wall, when you ride up the wall the pressure will build, so bend your knees to absorb this. Coming down the wall you should extend your legs to help transfer your momentum and speed across the halfpipe.


The final tip is 'carving': when you are in the halfpipe your snowboard should be on edge. You are carving up the wall, down the wall and across the bottom of the pipe. This is important not only to maintain speed but also controlling your snowboard.


The halfpipe is something that you have to progress at your own pace, and for your first time there is no such thing as too slow. Make sure to go at your own pace and stay safe.

For a warm-up to go into the pipe practice on walls and side banks. Do this as much as possible to get comfortable going up and coming back down on the edges of your snowboard.


Thanks for watching, if you would like to see more halfpipe videos please leave a comment below. Don't forget to subscribe, check out our instagram page and Patreon page.

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