3 Tips to Avoid Common Jump Mistakes

October 30, 2017


Today we're snowboarding at the High Cascade Snowboard Camp and in this video I have three tips to help you avoid common jump mistakes. The mistake that I see beginner snowboarders make the most is turning their snowboard sideways in the air and landing on their heels and butt. The first tips to avoid this problem is to keep you back hand over your tail. This will keep you body square to your snowboard and keep it going straight over the jump. The second tip is to make sure you're looking over your shoulder. It's tempting to turn forward to see ahead of you, but this can cause your snowboard to turn sideways on the jump. The final tip is to point your snowboard straight and flat toward the lip of the jump, so your momentum carries you straight toward the landing. If your have any questions about hitting your first snowboard jump it would be great to hear it in the comments! For more tips check out the snowboard trick playlist. Thanks for watching!

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