5 Beginner Tips DJI Mavic Pro Drone

October 30, 2017



In this video I will show the 5 most useful tips I know about the Mavic Pro drone after flying mine for a few months now. We head north and find a beautiful area with varied terrain to film. 

5 DJI Mavic Pro Drone Tips:


1) Switch the drone to auto focus - the display can get glare and be difficult to see. Doing this makes it much easier to concentrate on flying the drone safely and getting some great footage


2) Buy extra batteries - this made the list because the flight time is only about 20 mins, this doesn't take into account the "Return Home" reserve. So having a few batteries especially if you are away from a socket is a must


3) Take long smooth shoots when filming - not only do these look amazing, they can almost cause that 'flying' sensation when watching really intensely. When the camera moves it reminds everyone the drone is there and can ruin the moment, so to speak.


4) Use the manual exposure setting on the camera - When in changing light conditions the sensor on the camera is not always the best. It is much more reliable to set your exposure settings in the controller.


5) Learn the different flight modes - this is definitely one of the greatest things about the Mavic Pro over other remote control vehicles. There are so many different modes, each with its positives and negatives. The only way to really learn which will be best for you is to read up on how to use each one and then go practice. 


Hope you guys enjoyed the video, even if you don't own a Mavic, we are trying get as much footage as we can into our videos in preparation for next winter. If you are a competent drone user, or maybe you know one; if there are some tips you would like to share please leave them below.

See you in the next video,


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