5 Common Beginner Snowboard Mistakes & Fixes

October 30, 2017


In this video we show you 5 common beginner mistakes and how to fix them.

The first is leaning too far on the back foot, making it almost impossible to complete turns. If you going too fast while turning you are probably leaning back. Weight should be equal on the front and back foot, to get more weight on the front foot reach your front hand above the nose of the snowboard. Focus on having your back straight and knees bent.


Second mistake is people turning too quickly, causing the body to be twisted and off balance. Increase the size of your turns, with the upper body moving slow and steady. Keep shoulders lined up with your snowboard and hands over the nose / tail of the snowboard.


The third mistake is falling over on toeside turns from leaning the upper body of the toe edge at the start of the turn. It is also possible to catch your toe edge and really hurt yourself. To fix this keep your weight over your snowboard, to initiate the turn pressure your front foot. Then while keeping your back straight look up to the top of the mountain.


Fourth mistake is too much speed on heelside turns, where the reaction is to lean up the hill and straighten you legs. This will lead to 'chatter', where your heel edge skips or bounces of the snow. To fix this keep knees bent and ready to absorb bumps in the snow. It should look like you are seated with your butt sticking out, arms and shoulders lined up with your board.


The last mistake is falling over while riding off the chairlift. To fix this practice riding with your front foot strapped and back foot sitting just in front of your back binding. Find a gentle slope that is about 30ft (10m) long and flattens out at the end so you will naturally come to a stop even if you don't turn. Spending 20-30 minutes doing practice runs at the start of each day will make you more confident on a chairlift but it will also help your riding in general. Once you feel confident riding straight try turning left and right. Check your snowboard, especially rental boards have a stomp pad to help hold your rear foot in place.


Hope you enjoyed the video! Don't forget to sign up on instagram and check out the patreon page, see you in the next video.

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