DJI Mavic Pro Drone - Big Mountain Snowboarding

October 30, 2017


In this video we're flying the DJI Mavic Pro drone in the mountains and capturing some snowboarding footage! It's a perfect sunny day in the mountains with spring conditions and smooth snow. We hiked to a remote spot in the mountains were we had a clean line to snowboard down without anyone else around! The first few attempts flying the DJI Mavic Pro drone were a bit scary in the mountains and at one point I lost signal behind a mountain peak. Luckily the drones return home function kicked in and it flew back. We captured a few good snowboarding shots and also hard fall that my friend Chris had when his snowboard got dragged down by some sticky snow. I'm glad I took some time to practice ahead of time with the Mavic Pro to learn the controls and function because there's so many more challenges when flying the drone in the mountains. Overall we had an amazing day snowboarding and flying the Mavic Pro on its first mountain flight! Thanks for watching!


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