How to Handplant

October 30, 2017


In this video we have a treat for you: we are gonna teach you how to handplant. Handplants are an advanced trick but they are also a great introduction to inverts. Doing a handplant in the halfpipe relatively safe because of limited height and using your hand to help in case you fall over.


First step to doing a handplant is finding the right terrain: a half pipe is perfect for this but if you don't have access to one you can also use any slope than goes near vert. Finding a suitable slope will really help you progress faster.


The first trick in hand plant progression is doing an alley-oop backside 180; approaching the wall on your toe edge and turning the nose up the pipe instead of down.This is a similar motion to the handplant and will get your body used the sensation.


Now we can start trying our handplants! The tricks breaks down into 4 sections:

Line: your line should be directly up the wall of the halfpipe and similarly after should be straight down. Avoid the temptation to come in at an angle as this will make the trick much harder.

Pop: probably the most important part, the pop should be creating the trick rather than the approach speed. Try to get as close to the lip as possible, when you feel yourself slowing down near to a stop its time to pop. Your upper body should be extending towards the tail of you board and the pop should be just before you put your hand down:


Hands: try as early as possible in your progression to get your hands down. When learning try using both hands for the plant until you get used to trick. Right after you pop place your hand(s) where your tail was before the pop. This will help the plant get vertical and balanced.
*if you have the right technique you do not need a lot of upper body strength to hold the trick. If you can get the right speed, pop and hand placement it will be very easy.


Look: using your upper body to finish off the trick, look you head around to the landing as early as possible. If you are having difficulty finishing this trick check how much head turn you are doing.

Have fun doing this trick, it is a great one to practice with friends, the consequence of falling is pretty low. We fell many times and no one got hurt, but make sure you use a helmet.


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