Learning to Skateboard Episode 2 : CRUISING

October 30, 2017


This is our second day out skateboarding. A couple days ago we practiced the basics like pushing, pivoting, and kick turns at a  skate park. 


Today our goal is to get more comfortable on the skateboard, we go for a cruise on the trails around Whistler village. This is great terrain for beginners like us: gentle slopes, amazing views and no cars. There are some sections where it gets steep. So if your not sure how steep or long a hill is, always check before skating down it.


At this stage, being the second proper day skateboarding for us, any and all time spent riding is useful to help gain experience. So we are pretty happy just skating around, sometime going up hills, sometimes down and a lot of flat windy sections. 


Skateboarding like a lot of sports can be tough, and having a community is a great way to stay interested. If you are learning like us, leave a comment about your skateboarding experience so far. Whats your best skating moment?


Thanks for watching and see you in the next skateboard video: FIRST OLLIE ATTEMPT!

Coming up at the end of this month: GLACIER SNOWBOARDING at High Cascade, Oregon


Check out BRAILLE Skateboarding: 

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