3 Easy Grabs with Spins

October 31, 2017


In this video I'm snowboarding in the High Cascade Snowboard Camp with TJ and Garrett. We're going to share with you the three easiest grabs you can do with snowboard spins. The grab that I find the easiest to do with spins the mute grab. Melon grabs are great with backside and cab spins because you turn for the grab in the same direction you're rotating. The grab that TJ finds easiest with spins is a melon grab. Melon is when your grab your heel edge between the bindings with your front hand. Melon is a great grab with front side spins and to stop you from over spinning backside. Garrett's easiest grab with spins is the tail grab. The tail grab is self explanatory and is great because it help your to poke your snowboard and opens your chest in the direction you're spinning.


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