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Road to Crystal Mountain, WA

After a great trip to Tahoe at the end of last year, I chose Crystal Mountain to be the first snowboard trip of the year!

This resort is nestled in the heart of Washington about 90mins away from Seattle. I drove from Vancouver and picked up my friends Rav and Yani from Tacoma Internaitonal airport, who arrived from the UK after a long 10 hour flight.

With a late confirmation to visit this resort, and a general lack of accomodation options, we managed to find a room just big enough just a few minutes from the chairlift.

On our way from the airport we picked up a few essentials to fuel us in the mountain, lots of breakfast bars, fruits and plenty of coffee. We only needed 4-5(!) visits to supermarkets to find the elusive kettle - either they are a popular item in Seattle or the many empty shelves have another story to tell.

A storm had just passed Washington the night before bringing down communication networks - luckily one of our phones does have a connection so we can keep up to date.

I brought the Nidecker Beta APX and the Mellow which should be perfect for powder and all mountain riding. The guys also brought a couple of new snowboards from the UK, the Nidecker Mosquito, FunBall, and the Alpha APX.

Follow @snowboardprocamp on instagram for some videos and photos, this will be my first time at Crystal Mountain and looking forward in exploring it.

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